Fun Facts about your “sides” of the brain


  • The right side of your body is controlled by the left side of your brain.
  • The left side of your body is controlled by the right side of your brain.
  • Most people are left-brain dominate, even people who are left-handed writers.
  • The left side of your brain controls speech, reading, writing, and math.
  • The right side deals with spatial relationships, abstractions, and your feelings.

Right/Left Brain Cont….



Add your number of “A” responses

Add your number of “B” responses

IF you have more “A” responses than “B” responses, then you are left-brained dominate.

This means you……

  • are very rational
  • analyze people and situations
  • usually favor the subjects math/science
  • use logical reasoning
  • like to work with things that can be seen or touched

IF you have more “B” responses than “A”,  you are right-brain dominate.

This means you……..

  • are very creative
  • are usually emotional
  • like to be different from others
  • enjoy the arts
  • are a divergent thinker


Are you Right or Left Brain Dominated?


Which best describes you? A or B

  1. A. At home my drawers and closets are organized. B. At home, I like the “lived in look”.
  2. A. My desk is usually clean. B. I leave my work out on my desk so I can stay inspired.
  3. A. I like using the “secure” method. B. I like creating my own methods.
  4. A. I follow directions carefully. B. I follow my own intuition rather than directions.
  5. A. I complete one project at a time. B. I like to work on many projects at once.
  6. When I am asked to write a report on a subject, I_____________ A. research first B. self inspired
  7. When I had to do a project, I _________________ A. used others ideas B. loved the challenge to be unique.
  8. When I am in charge of a big job with people, I ____________ A. organize and make lists B. work at my own pace and let others work at their pace.
  9. Which of these activities would you like to do the most? A. Plan details for a trip. B. create something original.
  10. I hate it when other people ___________ A. are indecisive B. plan step-by-step

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